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Registration instructions

Prospective Students
  • Must be 55 years or older

  • Those who've read and understand HTISC's purpose and mission.

History and Literature

  • Taiwan-American History:  The history of Taiwan and the United States is led by Dr. Zhao Wei Hong, Dr. Li Yuan Ping, and Dean Samuel Hsu to introduce the history and geography of Taiwan and the United States. Students will grasp a better understanding of the history and culture of Taiwan.

  • Hakka Culture: Taiwanese Hakka culture and identity will be hosted by Mr. Lee Shun Lian as the guest speaker.

  • A Journey Through History: Led by Samuel Hsu and Dr. Li Yuan Ping, students learn customs, culture, and history by touring through historical and cultural sites.

  • Taiwanese Proverbs: Doris Yang is guaranteed to make you smile as she teaches Taiwanese proverbs in story form.

  • Roaming the Middle East: An archaeological class that explores the origins of human beings, verifies historical facts through science, and helps comprehend the mysteries of life. Directed by Frank Miu.


  • Ikebana: Also known as the art of flower arrangement, Chen You Mei and Karen Zhang teach students to arrange flowers and obtain certificates. Includes both Ikenobo and Sogetsu.

  • Music Appreciation: Dr. Huang Shih-Ting and some first-class young musicians help students experience the beauty of music, which embodies life, allows us to experience composers’ life stories, and makes the world more beautiful.

  • Film Appreciation: Liu Jia Yin, a well-known film critic journalist, teaches the historical interpretation and introduction of classic and modern films.

  • Speech: Led by Kim Shieh and Doris Yang, students learn how to communicate with others and avoid conflicts between people, as well as how to correctly express their thoughts.

  • Painting: Multiple instructors teach in various mediums and instruct students how to make life more meaningful with color. Oil painting is led by Kim Shieh, Chinese painting by Dr. Borong Lee.

  • Chinese Calligraphy: Students learn the art of Chinese calligraphy through many instructors, who are proficient writers, emphasize the benefits of learning, and assist students in practicing the trade.

  • Handcrafts: Various instructors teach multiple handcrafts including but not limited to origami, painting, and cooking to improve and enhance hand-eye coordination.

Health and Wellness

  • Health Talk: Various speakers and doctors talk about their professions and how students can look out for certain foods and chemicals in nutrition that will affect health.

  • Health Consultation: A professional nursing staff teaches students how to maintain physical health. They will correct knowledge of the body and emphasize the recipe for health and longevity.

  • Origin Therapy: Dr. Paul Lin guides students in learning more about their pressure points and their different functions.


  • Morning Exercise: Students are encouraged to attend morning exercises before class every day.

  • Dance: Lily Wang, a professional dancer, leads students to participate in dance that can improve physical health and relax the soul.

  • Tai Chi: Students discover an internal Chinese martial art practiced for fitness and defense, as well as maintaining health.

  • Yoga: Mrs. Lin teaches students to correctly practice yoga to improve balance, flexibility, and health.

  • Golf: Coaches Roger and Joe instruct students on golf etiquette, rules, techniques, and how to swing properly.

Life Philosophy

  • Life History: Dr. Yhimin Ho, Samuel Hsu, Lin De Sheng, and others discuss the positive practices that can lead to a happier life. Everything is discussed, from family to interpersonal harmony, through multiple perspectives, such as economics, literature, education, religion, and social interactions.

Scientific Knowledge

  • Science and Technology Information: Jack Lin teaches students about the New Age, discussing driverless cars, smart houses, and technology that affects the quality of life around us.

  • Computer: Students will pursue knowledge of the modern, technological world and the world wide web through the guidance of Paul Lin, Wei Sheng Lin, and Dai Qi. Emphasis will also be placed on how email and media connect us to our families and the people around us.

Leisure Time

  • Horticulture and Current Events: Experts Yu Hsi Yann, Wang Heng Xiong, Tom Lee, and many others guide students to beautify their backyards by planting organic fruits and vegetables. Fitness and money saving methods will also be taught. Current events are included in the lesson, focusing on political and socio-economic topics.

  • Choir/Karaoke: Anyone who loves singing is invited to participate in the institution’s choir and karaoke sessions. Students will be conducted by music teacher Chan Yen-Wen.

  • Musical Instruments: Dr. Tsai Ling-Tien instructs students on how to play the flute and the piano. Musical instruments should be used more to make life more stimulating and exciting.


  • Spanish: Montalvo, proficient in Taiwanese and English and studied at the National Taiwan University, teaches students the Spanish language. Emphasis will be placed on daily life and pronunciation. Classes are split into beginner, intermediate, and conversation (advanced) levels.

  • English: Ma Shu Fen and Timothy Chang teaches customs and daily life in the United States. Andy Anderson instructs the citizenship portion of the class. Michiyo Sinclair oversees the conversation portion of the class.

  • Japanese: Students focus on the Japanese language and will learn stories, nursery rhymes, and songs. Led by Kawamura Aya, Aya Hozen, Thomas Yu, Joe Tseng, and Amy Chen, classes are split into beginner and conversation (advanced) levels.

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