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Our missions


1. This college is a non-profit organization solely dedicated to advocating that it is beneficial for older residents to understand the truth, cultivate a taste for life, and have a colorful and abundant life.

2. Improve the overall health of the individual’s spirit, soul and body, and promote an optimistic and enterprising life and the spirit of endless learning.

3. Encourage "not to serve others, but to serve others" to participate in community services.  



HTISC provides an excellent learning place and opportunity for the elderly to "live and learn until old age". It is registered as a non-profit educational institution by the Texas government, so donations can be tax deducted.


The institute's belief and purpose is to pursue an abundant life through the integration of "living and learning". Classes adopt a course selection system, and the courses include educational, interest and practical categories.


With inspiring multilingual (Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, etc.) curriculum and faculty, there are two semesters in one academic year, with classes every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 


We sincerely welcome all elders regardless of ethnicity who agree with the purpose of our mission to step out of their nest and enter a harmonious, active and loving family. HTISC welcomes you to join the team of "Learning with Fun, Living Well" and we appreciate your charitable donations to benefit the lifelong learning of elders.




中華民國僑務委員會童振源委員長,訪問休士頓期間,特別將休士頓松年學院,安排在拜訪行程中,親自走訪該院新校舍,與年長鄉親寒暄問暖,打招呼。當天由陳奕芳主任陪同前來,童振源先在簽名冊上留下簽字後,進入該校,受到全院師生熱烈歡迎。 當天該院特別安排兩名青年,在現場演奏臺灣民謠暖場,司儀林富桂一開場,就先點出了松年學院的幕後功臣(林富桂介紹幕後功臣)。該院董事長陳美芬致詞時,特別感謝僑委會這次對松年學院搬遷的協助,並表示未來該院將繼續為社區奉獻心力(陳美芬董事長致詞)。 當天陪同出席的駐休士頓台北經濟文化辦事處羅復文處長表示,經過大家努力爭取,終於如願安排委員長的行程 (羅復文處長致詞 司儀歡迎賓客致詞)。童振源恭賀該院遷新居後,短時間內,就恢復了課程,並對該院創設的終身學習平臺,表示肯定 (童振源致詞一)。童振源同時表示,這項值得宣揚的學習方式,希望未來能讓全世界都看見,嘉惠世界各地的年長者(童振源希望分享到全世界)。 松年學院創建初期,曾系列性介紹台灣人文地理,因此當時提出「臺灣書院」概念的前僑務委員宋明麗,當天也特別出席,歡迎遠到而來的賓客(許勝弘院長介紹宋明麗委員)。 2020年開始的這場疫情,讓松年學院感受到不小的壓力,因此當天許勝弘院長特別表揚了陳清亮的姊姊陳玲容女士,感謝她在疫情期間對該院的慷慨協助(許勝弘院長感謝陳玲容女士)。最後松年學院與童振源一行人互贈紀念品,並留下一張歷史合影。 童振源這次將松年學院安排在緊湊行程中,並在最後對該院主事者,表達的高度肯定,這對該院未來的發展,可說是打了一劑強心針,也讓松年學院能由衷的加把勁,繼續勇往直前,為社區盡心力(童振源肯定主事者 許勝弘採訪)。


休士頓中國城地區的搶案,困擾著當地華人,雖然許多民眾自告奮勇,自組社區保衛隊,但終究非長久之計,因此找到正確管道,向警方尋求協助,也許能更有效的解決這個問題;西南區管理委員會區長李雄就表示,希望民間團體參加該區舉辦的例行社區安全會議,向警方首長直接反應中國城治安的憂慮(李雄區長邀請華人社團參加社區安全會議)。 這是李雄區長受邀參加休士頓台灣松年學院開學典禮上的一次公開演講,他邀請大家將社區問題,直接在主流社區安全會議上陳述,留下會議紀錄。演講結束後,松年學院陳美芬董事長、許勝弘院長隨即贈送該學院的院帽,向主講人致意。 松年學院每次活動,總會安排社區代表,在會中演講,內容從身心健康到社區安全議題,希望增進該院會員的生活品質。當天前來觀禮的休士頓僑教中心陳奕芳主任,途中突然迷路,但三秒鐘內立刻悟出為何迷路的真理(陳奕芳主任談迷路心得)。 當天無法出席的羅復文處長,特別錄製一段影片向大家致意(羅復文影片致意)。松年學院不斷開設新課的作風,為自己在招收學員方面,收到不錯的效果,讓這次出席的休士頓國慶籌備會主任委員劉志忠,當下報名該院的高爾夫球授課教學(劉志忠主委宣布報名)。代表美南旅館公會出席的葉德雲前會長,當天也說明了為何松年學院與該會,有著剪不斷的深厚情誼(葉德雲雙胞胎說)。 松年學院經歷去年這場疫情浩劫後,全校師生越挫越勇,網路加實體教學不斷精進改善,目前不但頂過了最艱難時期,課程也以結合網路與實體方式逐漸恢復正常,讓該院領導層感到無限欣慰(陳美芬董事長 何益民博士講話)。 為松年學院鞠躬盡瘁的美南旅館公會陳清亮會長表示,與松年學院一起度過了多次艱困時期,也是一項信心上的考驗(陳清亮會長談信心的磨練)。 許勝弘院長表示,人生在不同階段,因為現實環境的不同,所蘊含的意義也會不同,大家到了現階段,如果能調整心態思維,也許就能有更多正面的人生價值觀(許勝弘院長談人生的意義)。 松年學院目前雖然已經開學,但由於課程皆為休閒才藝性質,無所謂進度問題,因此接受有興趣的民眾隨時報名,並可以預先試聽課程,再正式報名。(報名專線電話713-272-8989) 僑務電子報連結

Message from the principle - Samuel Hsu

Since its establishment in 2003, HTISC has provided diverse and practical courses. We encourages the elders to learn with the purpose of "live until you are old" and "the sea of learning has no boundaries and there is no end to learning". Let the elders learn in a variety of ways from the special promotion courses of language learning, health care, physical and mental activation, artistic creation, musical talent, and computer information to promote physical, mental and spiritual health. Our elders enjoy being in the classes of chorus, painting, Tai Chi, flower arrangement, airway calligraphy, piano, flute, dance and handicrafts. By showing their learning achievements at the end of each semester, they can find the touch in life from the diverse courses and have a sense of belonging to the group.


The concept of lifelong learning has existed as long as human history. Japan has a "lifelong study" and American scholar J. Dewey also proposed that education and learning are lifelong processes. In addition to studying at the HTISC, you can make many friends and organize one-day tours every month. The Lifelong Learning Program of the U.S. federal government has pointed out that lifelong learning is a process in which individuals continue to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes throughout their lives. It is of great help to vitality and has a positive impact on individuals and society.


The meaning of lifelong learning:

1. Learning is a lifelong process.

2. The channels and methods of learning are diverse and flexible.

3. Learn to emphasize the spirit of autonomy.

4. The content of learning is all-encompassing, and it is an education that develops the whole person.

5. Learning is a right, not a privilege.


We need to pursue the opportunity of lifelong learning. People often use "wait a moment" as an excuse to wait until I have time to learn. This is an obstacle to lifelong learning. Lifelong learning comes from a person's invisible inner curiosity, which leads to learning. Interest. Although we are getting older, our youthfulness at heart is a reflection of the "old age" that never stops taking an interest in everything.


We are currently in the "afterglow of the sunset" and we should seize the learning opportunities in the good times so that our lives will be full of harvest. According to your own interests and needs, you can carry out planned (entering HTISC) or unplanned (instantly you think you are interested) learning and extensive activities. In order to pursue a better way of survival, please come to HTISC.


Contact us:


5855 Sovereign Dr. Suite G, Houston, TX 77036


TEL: (713) 272-8989

FAX: (713) 272-8112



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